In this gentle exfoliating treatment the skin is freed of dead skin cells, accumulated excess oil and debris, and vellus hair. The skin becomes a perfectly clean and smooth palette, allowing for improved skin care product penetration and makeup application. Dermaplaning is a great exfoliation choice for most people, including those with sensitive skin. However, a custom facial is a better option for those with active acne, very oily skin, or thick facial hair.

Dermaplaning options and pricing:

  • Dermaplaning + Masque  $85  (45 minutes)
  • Dermaplaning + Masque + LED Light Therapy  $130  (75 minutes)
  • Custom Facial + Dermaplaning  $130  (75 minutes)

The dermaplaning treatment is an excellent addition to your monthly professional skin care services.

Additional Services

Your dermaplaning treatment can be enhanced by adding any of the following services:

  • Smoothing Hand Treatment - $8
  • Bright Eyes Treatment - $12
  • Soft & Full Lips Treatment - $12
  • Bright Eyes Treatment + Soft & Full Lips Treatment - $20

Online scheduling

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