Melissa Minnig

There is something magical and really important about feeling good in your own skin. When your skin is healthy your natural radiance shines brightly. When your skin is properly balanced and nourished you are rewarded with more supple and clear skin. When your skin is cared for by a professional eshtetician, some really incredible transformations can happen. For me there is no greater reward than partnering with you and seeing you fall in love with the best version of your beautiful self.

Outside of Skintuition I find a lot of joy in gardening. Making a meal from the goods harvested from our backyard is the best! A few years ago I said good bye to my television to make more room for enjoying favorite things, people and adventures. Each summer my husband and I load up the motorcycle for an adventure to visit a new part of the country. I grew up in a small town northeast of Madison, but Madison has been my home for most of my adult life.

Whether you're struggling with serious skin issues or you simply value the rewards of regular professional skin care maintenance, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you meet your personal skin care goals.

– Melissa Minnig, licensed esthetician

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