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Acne Advanced Treatments

Treat existing acne, and acne-related symptoms including excess oil and shine, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and scarring, while proactively preventing future breakouts. Eminence's Acne Advanced Collection delivers significant results using a combination of encapsulated salicylic acid and powerful natural and botanical actives with no side effects.

The Acne Advanced Treatments feature deep cleansing, a non-irritating salicylic peel, extractions, optional blue LED light therapy, and a healing & balancing masque. The treatments are most effective when done weekly for 4 consecutive weeks and paired with the simple 3-step home regimen.

Package pricing (includes 4 weekly professional treatments, and the 3-step home regimen at a $50 discount*):

  • Acne Advanced Treatment Package  $420  (45 minutes per treatment)
  • Acne Advanced Treatment + LED Light Therapy Package  $520  (75 minutes per treatment)

*The $50 discount on the 3-step home regimen is a limited time offer while supplies last.

Individual treatment pricing:

  • Acne Advanced Treatment  $85  (45 minutes)
  • Acne Advanced Treatment + LED Light Therapy  $110  (75 minutes)

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